President's message

Dear ISSPD Members and Friends,

     During our fascinating congress in Montreal, I was very impressed about the great progress in our field, especially with many of our young colleagues presenting their inspiring work. Major progress has occurred in our understanding of personality disorders and personality traits. We are learning how they develop in adverse early environments, which similar and differing clinical phenomena they display over the lifespan, and which treatment approaches may be particularly hopeful for successful implementation and dissemination in the future. Thus, I am very enthusiastic to contribute to this favorable development in the next two years of my presidency.  The ISSPD will establish and maintain an international, up-to-date list of running research projects in our field in order to promote collaboration and scientific exchange.

     At the same time, many conversations with colleagues and discussions in the plenum made clear that we face significant problems that have to be tackled to ensure a continued successful development of our research field and to safeguard efficacious treatment for patients suffering from personality disorders. Future classifications of personality disorders have to be aligned with the gained knowledge from research work; we have to meet the requirements of daily health care practice; and we have to guarantee that health care systems and insurance companies bear the costs for the treatments that are urgently needed. In this sense, ISSPD will continuously reflect critical developments in our field.

     These issues, whether they deal with exciting and highly promising research questions, or with major concerns in societies and politics, need international activities in the field of personality disorders that are uniquely brought together in the ISSPD. I really hope you will become involved with ISSPD by becoming a member or renewing your membership and to contribute to its governance. Young graduate students are also invited to join the ISSPD for reduced membership fees and for the opportunity of participating in a student group to be initiated in the near future.

     Looking forward, I want to invite you to the next ISSPD congress located in Heidelberg, Germany, September 25-28, 2017. It will combine the presentation of cutting-edge research data with hospitality and friendship in a city famous for its beauty and romantic flair.


Sabine C. Herpertz, MD

President, ISSPD