Getting Involved with the Student Section

There are many ways to get involved in the Student Section! We recommend interested students sign up for the ISSPD Student Section listserv. The listserv is where all major announcements about student activities will be sent around. Plus, join in conversations about personality disorder related topics and meet fellow students with similar interests!

You can also get involved via social media at the following links:

Although the Student Section is still in its infancy, we have been quite busy planning events and resources for the students of ISSPD. For instance, we will be hosting the following exciting events at the upcoming 2017 ISSPD Congress in Heidelberg, Germany (September 25-28, 2017)

  1. A preconference round table on publishing, featuring editors from top personality disorder research journals
  2. A student social night, where students can meet and connect with their peers
  3. A special student symposium, affording up-and-coming personality disorder researchers to showcase their work
  4. Symposium and poster awards specifically recognizing student presenters

Outside of the Congress, ISSPD student section members have access to benefits including:

  1. News and resources through newsletters and listserv announcements
  2. Networking and research collaboration
  3. Mentoring program
  4. Educational opportunities
  5. Student-focused social media (see links to our Facebook, Twitter, and listserv above)